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but should have been.

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About Artistic Anachronism

Mars & Alison returning from a trip to 1865

This shop has grown out of two things Alison and Marcel share:

1. A life-long love of Victorian history and fashions, and
2. Love for each other.

The first has lead us over and over again to similar interests, similar taste in furnishings, fiction and films, and to a love for custumed events. The second made us want to find a way to combine our business enterprises so we could spend more time together!

The steampunk art scene has given us both in a way we never had before!

The art work done by my husband and I has been strongly influenced by the Victorian era, and has lead us to fall in love with so many wonderful items from the past (and some new things that recreate styles from the past).

Our library and home were already filled with many treasures from the time of Victoria when we first became aware of steampunk. A match made in heaven! Steampunk can be thought of like this: if the Victorians had had access to the technology of today, what would it have looked like? They would not likely have made their toys smaller and smaller, but would rather have wanted them to be larger, more ornate, showier. Women weren't wearing jeans in 1880, so style would have been informed by the styles of the day - including long flowing skirts, dark, heavy fabrics and loads of accessories.

The first festival we did that was completely devoted to steampunk was the Watch City festival in Waltham, MA in 2013. We had been invovled with shows that had a fringe element of steampunk, but never an entire festival of people who ALL loved the Victorian era as we did! We were completely hooked, and still are today.

The Artistic Anachronism shop has evolved gradually, and is in fact still evolving! The idea is to carry a variety of items inspired by the Victorian era, and hopefully as time passes some actual antiques as well. The idea is to be an on-line store you can browse through, read some interesting information, find out about some wild traditions from the past, and maybe find the perfect accent for your outfit for the next festival or event you plan to attend.

Thank you for taking a little time to check out the shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. If you are an artist who creates Victorian or Steampunk work and would like us to carry your work on the site - send us some images and we can chat. Meanwhile, settle down with a good cup of tea or a glass of fine ansinthe and wander through the site. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making and finding the content!

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