Reimagined from a past that never was...

but should have been.

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Marcel and Alison do a fair amount of writing in their spare time. Check back on this page for periodic new publications.

The Victorian Era:

Victorian Mourning Etiquette
Calling Cards: A Code of Etiquette
Reenactor's Jewelry & Accessories

Home Brewing

How to Make Traditional Absinthe
Beer Recipes - to come!
How to Make Blood Red Absinthe! - Coming Soon!


What is Herbal Tincture?
Herbalism Terminology
How to Make Herbal Oils
How to Prepare Percolation Tinctures
Herbal Tinctures for Common Household Illnesses
How to Make and Use Herbal Medicines
Why Use All-Natural/Organic Skin Care?

Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?


Dowsing: What is it, and How is it Done?

Essential Oils & Fragrance

What are Essential Oils?
Making Perfume from Essential Oils: Terms & Fragrance Types
How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils
How to Make Hydrosol from Flowers in Your Garden

Celtic Art, Symbolism and Pattern Work

Non-traditional Use of Celtic Symbolism

Jewelry Topics

Stone Colors & Meanings
Choosing Wedding Jewelry

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