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Reimagined from a past that never was...

but should have been.




New Arrivals & Coming Soon!

This page is where you'll find all the new stuff we have coming into the shop. New orders, new things we're making, anything. We have some really cool stuff coming for TempleCon!

New Absinthe Ware

New Absinthe Ware!

We have in three new Absinthe glasses, and some new spoon designs just in time for the Dark Side of the con!

New Pocket Watches

New Pocket Watches!

Several new designs at our usual great prices!

Jasmine Chatelaine Scissors

New Selection of Chatelaine Tools!

A new order from our friends 'across the pon' is on its way here - just in time for our next show!

Rectangle Sterling Pill Box

New Sterling Silver Items!

Adorable magnifying glasses and tiny mirrors, also little sterling pill boxes!

Skull Ring

An Awesome Selection of Stainless Steel Rings!

We get lots of requests for rings, so we finally decided to get some and see how you like them! Come check them out in NJ at their debut show!

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Coming Soon!


Brass Gears Watch

New Pocket Watches!

New LED Glow Orbs!

Glow Pendants

New Pendants for Glow Orbs!