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Marcel's Marvelous Mixes

Mars has been a home beer prewer and mix maker forever! The latest things he has turned his attention to are drink syrups made from 100% organic ingredients - herbs, spices and organic sugar. Use the syrups to make yummy home-made soda, or use them in the cocktail recipes available on our recipe pages.

All syrups are sold in 8 oz bottles for $15, or in 2 oz sample bottles for $5.

If you are a bartender or restaurant owner and would like to discuss bulk purchase of syrups in 16 or 32 oz bottles, please email us.

Absinthe Syrup

There is no actual Absinthe in this syrup - it is made using the Absinthe herbs and other flavorings to capture the flavor profile of Absinthe when mixed with water and sugar. A wonderful option for folks who just can;t get enough of that flavor!

Elderberry Syrup

A classic syrup made from dried, organic Elderberries. Slightly less sweet than all the other syrups, this one is lovely in tea and Elderberries are a great immune boost in the cold weather!

Autumn Warming Syrup

Made from a blend of traditional mulling spices, this syrup is wonderful in hot drinks, and combined with Rum and other warming liquors.

Lavender Syrup

Lavender is an acquired taste, but one of Alison's favorites. Use this syrup to add to tea, make a lovely cold drink, or try a Lavender Martini!


Love Potion #9

Made from a blend of many herbs and spices, this recipe is a very old one reputed to be an aphrodisiac!

Yummy as soda, or mix with Rum and lemon to make the 'Love Potion'!

Sarsaparilla Syrup

Similar in flavor to Root Beer, Sarsaparilla is the original taste that first spawned that classic soda. This one has some special additions including molasses and a touch of vanilla to make it smooth, dark and yummy!


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