Handmade Beaded Black and Gray Earrings on Antiqued Brass

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Off-loom bead weaving was used to create these charming earrings in black and gray.

When Victorian women lost their husbands, they were expected to wear mourning clothes and accessories, including jewelry, for a period of about two and a half years. The first year was full crepe, and they were expected to remain in seclusion. The second year, they could begin to drop the crepe, but were expected to wear all black. After two years, in the last six months or so, they were allowed to 'slight the mourning' by wearing some gray and a bit of lavender.

These earrings were made with this period of 'slighting the mourning' in mind. I read about it and then began making jewelry for the different phases of mourning.

Earrings hang about 1.75 inches from antiqued brass lever back ear wires.

One of a kind.