Victorian Replica Chatelaine, Butterfly Cameo Sewing Chatelaine

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Replica Victorian sewing chatelaine pin with sewing tools: scissors, needle case and thimble cage in British pewter.

An Internet search for Victorian chatelaines will show you that these were the height of fashion for the Victorian woman! Wearing these dainty and decorative sewing tools on long chains, suspended from pins or clips at the waist was all the rage for a long stretch in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Until recently, all you could find were actual antique chatelaines that were prohibitively expensive. And, as many of them were made from sterling silver, people doing costuming and wearing period clothing for specialty shows were reluctant to wear such valuable pieces to costume events.

Replicas to the rescue! An artisan in Britain has started creating replica tools for chatelaines, and we have started creating chatelaine pins, combining the tools in various ways to bring replica finished chatelaines to the market.

The antiqued brass butterfly has a lovely little cameo of a woman's face, with a small brass gear behind to provide design interest. Suspended from the antiqued brass butterfly are a small (working) brass-toned scissors in a holster of blackened British pewter with a brass toned rose. Also hanging from the butterfly are a friction close needle case and a gravity close thimble cage. All set to sit down and do needlework with the ladies!

This is the perfect steampunk chatelaine, for anyone interested in dressing in Victorian garb, or for anyone who adores sewing!

Overall Length of chatelaine: 11" (27.94 centimeters)

Pin is 2 inches wide (5.08 centimeters).