Steampunk Brass Filigree and Clock Work Necklace

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My newest obsession, and my new favorite past time! Making one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings and brooches from combines parts including watch and clock works. The look is a mix of Edwardian filigree, Swarovski crystal and pearls for sparkle and antiqued brass with watch works for steampunk aesthetic.

This necklace is done in Swarovski's "ruby" red for the holidays. Pair this with your favorite travel gear or wear to a formal soiree or evening ball with your best holiday gown. A good item to pack when you depart for your travels so you always have elegance at your finger tips.

Necklace is made of antiqued brass filigree and chain with the interior of an actual timepiece, and several Swarovski crystal decorations. Clasp is a sweet little gear toggle.

Overall length is a showy 26" (66.04 centimeters), with an additional 2.75" inches (6.985 centimeters) for the center piece. This looks fabulous over a high neck in a solid color.

One of a kind.