Syrup: Lavender Handcrafted Organic Drink Syrup - 8 Oz

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Many of our friends from the shows we do have asked us to put Marcel's hand-crafted drink syrups online, so without further ado....they are here!

These are 8 oz containers of Mars' syrups, shipped wrapped in bubble wrap, and boxed for protection. Included with the box will be a recipe card with the recipe for the famous Lavender Martini - addictive!

Syrups are made from 100% organic ingredients in our unlicensed homestead kitchen. Each bottle is hot packed, sterilized and brought to you fresh and delicious.

Pure water, organic cane sugar, organic Lavender flowers, citric acid and a teensy bit of potassium sorbate (to keep the syrup fresh and prevent any kind of mold or other bacteria.

Syrups are available in full size (8 oz.) bottles, or in a sample (2 oz.) size just right for trying a new flavor, or adding something special to those holiday stockings!