Spice Blend: Dry Rib Rub

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One of our best selling items at the shows we attend, are Marcel's spice blends - and this one is the all time best!

Mars made this blend for cooking on the grill. Mars makes all his blends without garlic (his wife is allergic). Anyone who loves garlic can add it easily as either powder, granules or fresh, and those who have food allergies or a preference to avoid garlic, are safe with these blends.

Organic, gluten, dairy and garlic free, these spice blends are made in our homestead kitchen, packaged fresh and brought you in 1 oz backs, sealed for freshness.

Try Rib Rub on your favorite ribs:

Rub dry blend onto the surface of the meat
Allow to sit in refrigerator if desired, or pop straight onto the grill for a flavor-filled treat!

Organic onion granules, sea salt, organic horseradish, organic oregano and organic thyme.