Essential Oil Perfume Roll-on Twilight

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Twilight is a warm, spicy women's fragrance. In fragrance language, this is an 'Oriental' scent due to it's rich, hypnotic qualities. The warm, spicy notes of oils such as Jasmine, Sandalwood and Vanilla create the deep lasting power, which bright notes of Ylang Ylang and sweet orange and clove make the scent complex and intriguing. Like all our fragrance, this intoxicating scent will become personal as it blends with your own unique body chemistry.

Each personal roll-on is 1/2 fluid oz. The essential oil blend is mixed with organic jojoba oil to dilute and make the scent ready for immediate use on the skin. The container is a roll-on bottle convenient for a purse or pocket!

Twilight is a propriety essential oil blend, designed by Alison and bottled by us.