Spray: Moonlit Garden Room and Body

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Moonlit garden is lovely combination of herbs and soft florals designed to evoke the cool, moist scent of a summer garden. One spray, and you will envision yourself walking through a shadowy world of cool greens and quiet night sounds.

Use Moonlit Garden as a body spray, a room spray to impart the scent into the air, or on linens such as sheets. Please always test fabrics before spraying to ensure they do not stain.

Shake sprays well before each use to ensure the essential oils are well suspended in the water and witch hazel.

Each of our hand-crafted essential oil sprays are made using pure, distilled water, organic witch hazel and organic essential oils.

Ingredients: Organic rose hydro-sol, organic witch hazel extract, organic essential oils of Lavender, Marjoram, Geranium, Chamomile Moroccan, Cypress and Patchouli.