Absinthe Ware: Glass, Cordon Reservoir

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The "Cordon" glass is a lovely replica French Absinthe glass. This glass has a line marking the "dose" of absinthe rather than a reservoir. The louche (the name for the cloudy effect when you add the ice water to absinthe) is typical when using this glass with a fountain or tipper/broulierre.

Mouth blown glass, imported from France and made today as they were over 100 years ago.

These thick and heavy mouth-blown glasses are exact replicas of the famous Cordon glass. Considered by many to be the one of the most sought after and collectible of all absinthe glasses. The glass is aptly named, as the ban which circles the glass and indicates the doser measuring mark, resembles a cord. Facet cuts around dose reservoir and at top of glass are cut by hand.

• Mouth-blown glass.
• Facet cuts around top and bottom of the glass are hand cut.
• Measures approximately 7" (17.7 cm) tall.
• Mouth measures approximately 3.5" (8.8 cm) in diameter.
• Foot measures approximately 3.125" (7.8 cm) in diameter.
• Reservoir holds approximately 1.6 fl oz (50 ml).
• Holds approximately 13.5 fl oz (265 ml).
• Imported.