Brooch: Queen Victoria Replica Mourning

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The 4th image is the item I based this design on. Through reading a lot about Victorian mourning jewelry, I discovered that Victoria herself was mourning by millions on her death in 1901. Many wore images of the queen on their lapels or on other pieces of jewelry.

This pin is made from base metal (nickel and lead free), coated black. The photograph has been fixed with jeweler's resin, and a pin back affixed. The drops are of Swarovski crystal on black wire.

I was after the 'feel' of Victorian jewelry, and trying to capture the mood with this brooch. I liked it so much I have made one for myself to wear with a Victorian costume I wear at some festivals.

The body of the pin measures approximately 1.25" wide x2" in length, plus an additional 1" for the crystal drops. These look fabulous against a high collared blouse in the style of the era.