Anklet: Swarovski Blue Shade

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Swarovski's 'Blue Shade' is the palest, lightest blue. This is a newer Swarovski color, and is quickly becoming popular for weddings and many other designs.

This is our most popular style of anklet - with little dangling crystals. A perfect 'something blue' for your wedding - the antiqued brass feels more relaxed and a bit old fashioned. A great gift for a Steampunk bride-to-be!

This anklet is made in antiqued brass, which makes it an affordable option. 

Wire, chain, clasp and accent beads are all U.S manufactured antiqued brass. Clasp is a lobster claw style. Crystal is Swarovski.

What size should you get? If you don't know your anklet size, try using a tape measure to get the actual size of your anklet, then add a bit of length to see where you would want the anklet to sit when you wear it. Another good method - use a chain necklace and hook the clasp to the chain (instead of the clasp) until you get the right dangle effect - then measure the length you used between the clasp and the link you hooked to.