Anklet: Swarovski Black Crystal Anklet with Dangles

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The perfect item for a Gothic bride! An inky black crystal anklet for the wedding!

A best selling anklet design - everyone loves the little dangles! Add that touch of mystery and sparkly with the dainty crystals dangling from pretty silver chain. 

Anklets are typically about 10" long (standard length). I use a spring ring style clasp for safety. I can make one up in any size easily, please use the size option to select the right length. 

What size should you get?

If you don't know your anklet size, try using a tape measure to get the actual size of your ankle, then add a bit of length to see where you would want the anklet to sit when you wear it. Another good method - use a chain necklace and hook the clasp to the chain (instead of the other end of the clasp) until you get the right dangle effect - then measure the length you used between the clasp and the link you hooked to. The main thing is you don't want the anklet dripping into your shoes, and you do want it roomy enough to drape nicely and be comfortable. If it's for a special occasion - measure and check with the shoes on you plan to wear.

Inches to centimeters equivalents:

9" = 22.86 centimeters
10" = 25.4 centimeters
11" = 27.94 centimeters
12" = 30.48 centimeters