Anklet: Swarovski Pearls

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Swarovski's 'Cream' pearls have a lovely sheen. It is hard to remember that they are in fact made from glass and are not actual pearls. These pearls are made with exacting standards, and they wear beautifully.

This is my most popular style of anklet - with little dangling crystals. A perfect bridal anklet - the antiqued brass takes some of the formality away from the antiqued brass. A great gift for a Steampunk bride-to-be!

This anklet is made in antiqued brass, which makes it an affordable option. 

Wire, chain, clasp and accent beads are all U.S manufactured antiqued brass. Clasp is a lobster claw style. Crystal is Swarovski.

What size should you get? If you don't know your anklet size, try using a tape measure to get the actual size of your anklet, then add a bit of length to see where you would want the anklet to sit when you wear it. Another good method - use a chain necklace and hook the clasp to the chain (instead of the clasp) until you get the right dangle effect - then measure the length you used between the clasp and the link you hooked to.